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helvius l. thompson III (h3 the artist) american born artist 1980

what began in the late 80’s with a young boy toying with lego's is evolving into a collection of hand-made original works of art by helvius l. thompson III (h3).

in 2004, fascinated by textile patchwork and the creative process associated with the artwork of the late andy warhol, h3 developed his own unique medium of art. focusing on portraiture's of people, h3 began creating fabric based layered paneled art. working from photo, h3 begins his process by rendering a sketch on a card-stock like work space. at the completion of a hard line drawing which is carved out into templates, h3 begins a fabric selection process that involves color and texture comps. then building the portrait from the background layer out h3 completes each layer by having them stitched zig-zag style on an industrial sewing machine and then masked to a wood panel.​

currently h3 is working on a collection entitled "inhale your inspiration" where he hopes to visually display the symbolic connection between people from all walks of life and their passion by way of mask.



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